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Red Ives Work Project
August 6–8 2010

This is a great work party to go on. Not only is it a chance to see beautiful country and have fun around the campfire, the chapter can make up to $800 for clearing some trails. This is another project we have contracted with the Forest Service to do. We do need some extra help. We have enough pack animals; we just need riders that can help with chainsaw cutting and clearing brush. This is sometimes more difficult terrain to ride on and we will be crossing the St. Joe River several times.

Camping will be at the Red Ives Ranger Station across the river by the old barn and horse pasture. Friday night bring some hamburger. We'll have the trimmings. Saturday morning breakfast will be on your own, we need to get an early start for this is our work day. Saturday night will be a potluck and do your own meat; we'll have the grill on. Do your own lunch for on the trail. Sunday morning Kimballs will do breakfast and then we'll go for a day ride. We are thinking about staying a couple of extra days to ride more trails. We will get back to you on this.

If you can make this work party contact me as soon as possible. Karen Kimball 772-2434 or jandkkimball@roadrunner.com

NEW INFORMATION: Please, no dogs on the trails. Also, dogs must be tied up or in trucks during meal time. This is a Board of Directors decision.

DIRECTIONS: Red Ives is on the upper part of the St Joe River above the town of Avery. A sure fire way to get there is take I-90 to the Hwy 3/Rose Lake exit #34, go south to St Maries. At about 22 miles there is a stop sign/light at the Hwy 3/Hwy 97 Harrison "Y". From there go about 10.25 miles, at the 35 Miles speed sign and Avery/Caulder sign, take a left onto St Joe River Road (NF-50). It's about 90 miles from St Maries to Red Ives all on paved roads. Approximately at the 73 mile marker there’s a bridge on the right to Red Ives that crosses Gold Creek. Look for one of our red and white PBCH arrow signs. The last 10 miles is paved, but narrow with few turnouts, so take it slow and carefully. Again, look for one our red and white PBCH arrow signs at the Red Ives Historic Ranger Station directing you across the bridge to the camping area. [Map]

Photos from 2009 Work Party

4th of July Pass Ride
August 15 2009

There were 23 folks who showed up Saturday morning for a ride at 4th of July Recreation Area. The first group left pretty much on time at 9:30 a.m. with 14 riders. The second group, which consisted of 9 people, many who were riding this area for the first time, didn't leave the parking lot until about 10:45 a.m.

Cook Dave Logue showed at around 11:15 and set up the chapter's big stove and table and all the fixings for a hamburger, potato chip and bean lunch with iced tea and bottled water and cake and cookies. At the last minute he decided to bring a coffee pot and coffee which was a good thing because that's what most folks wanted!

The day was cool and overcast, but thankfully, no rain. The trail was clear of obstacles and soft from previous rain.

There was one new family membership of Tom and Cali Nieland of Dalton Gardens and 3 individual memberships of Dan Spencer of CDA, Jen Dillon of Hayden and a renewed membership of Lucia Anderson of Cataldo. It's a good thing Lucia was driving into the parking lot behind me as I was putting up some of the signage with the arrows pointing the wrong direction! As far as I know, no one got lost en route to the ride.

I want to thank the Panhandle Nordic Ski Club again for opening up the trail just beyond the Ian's Eagle Hut which allowed for a nice loop ride and for friends Al and Robin Near who sat in the parking lot as security until the cook arrived and for everyone who pitched in with potluck food. And last but not least I want to thank my husband Dave for cooking, but he said next time he could use an assistant in the parking lot.

Richard Hart with his pretty black mare on the trail.

Bob and Linda Funke on the trail.

Jim Kimball with his and Karen's three horses.

Members Bill and Andrea Clark
after the ride Saturday at the trailhead.

New members Cali and Tom Nieland
at the end of the ride.

Terry and Dee Sverdsten after the ride. They led the first group of 14 out onto the trail along with co-trail boss Lucia Anderson, not pictured.

Here folks relax and have a bite to eat after the ride.

Cook Dave Logue set up the BBQ in the parking lot and serves Linda Funke coffee after the 3.5 hour ride.


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Red Ives Work/Play Party
July 25 - 26 2009

Wayne and Angela Parsons and Linda Funke painting.

What a great time we had on the St Joe even though it was a work/play party. Eleven people showed up, five of which were new members and not all knew where they were going.

Linda Funke and Karen made hamburgers for everyone who came up by dinner time on Fri night. Jill Reineccius can up Fri night over the narrow, windy road in the dark and got into camp about 11:00. Congratulations!

Wayne and Angela Parsons were supposed to come up Fri night but had trouble with their horse in the trailer, so they left him at home and headed out at 3:30am on Sat morning. After a wrong turn in St. Maries and missing the turn at Gold Cr bridge they went over the mountain into Montana and were headed to St Regis before realizing they had gone too far. Finally got to camp and we had some breakfast left for them that Tracy from the Forest Service was fixing.

Wayne and Angela, Linda and Karen stayed in camp and stained the old barn across the river from where we were camped. We scraped around windows and doors, taped windows and with Wayne's guidance we stained. Got the building half done. That Wayne is a hard worker even though he can't read directions.

We had 2 groups go out on different trails. Jim Kimball, Bob Williams, Bob Funke and Jill went up trail 75. Jill found out that her paint gelding had wings and her and Bob Williams were wishing they did. After a long ride and clearing the trail they got into camp about 8:30 in the evening.

Tom Johnston and his neighbor and Les Erickson took trail 74 on the other side of the road and cleared it and saw some beautiful country. They got into camp about 7:30.

Finally with everyone back at the trailers we had a great potluck. Three Forest Service people joined us for dinner and we listened to all the stories from the day’s work projects.

Sunday morning Jim and Karen made breakfast for everyone and then we all saddled up and took a ride up the river to the St. Joe Lodge. Had a little lunch and more stories before heading back to the trailers.

I think everyone had a good time and we want to thank them all for the hard work everyone did.

Jim and Karen Kimball, Trail Bosses

Les' Mules

Tom Johnston and Les Erickson reading the GPS to make sure they didn't get lost.

Some great viewing!

Jim Kimball, Bob Williams and Bob Funke worked trail 75 and Jill took the photos.

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First Spring Ride
April 4, 2009

After all the weather problems already this year, April 4th turned out to be a glorious day for a ride, and ride we did. Notice the sun shining down on Alan Harper’s group prior to the ride. It was the first real outdoor ride for many of the 14 folks that joined us that day. This was evident within the first 100 yards,just through the first gate, when Sherri’s mule “Tinker” decided she didn’t like something and took off on a short run. Sherri slowed the mule down then made an unintended dismount with no serious consequences. I want to be clear, she WASN’T bucked off.
At this point we turned the lead over to co-trail boss, Bob Williams, because Sherri’s desire was to drop back a bit. Bob, who got his initial trail leadership training in the Donner Party, promptly took a wrong turn and we ended up hemmed in by two lakes. Luckily there was no big snow storm, and that put everyone’s mind at ease!!

By this time, Sherri had regained her senses and got us back on the right trail. We had lunch overlooking beautiful Fishtrap Lake and to accentuate the beautiful weather, enjoy the photo of the riders approaching the lunch spot.

The Teri and Terri crew (that’s Horton and Nethercott) gathered on the hill top, while Alan Harper’s bunch favored the cliffy area near the lake shore. Lea Williams did some photography near the lake before we headed out again.

Bernie, Sherri, Bob & Lea - Trail Bosses


4th of July Work Project Report and "Objectives Met at Red Ives": See September newsletter

July 30th Weed Spray Project
Marie Cr Trail

On Wednesday, July 30th, in cooperation with the Coeur d’ Alene River Ranger District, the Panhandle Back Country Horsemen sprayed a portion of the Marie Cr Trail that we haven’t gotten to before.

Karen and Jim Kimball, plus Bernie Lionberger, along with Bonnie Thompson and Meagan Bircher of the Forest Service started the project around 8 AM and completed it shortly after noon.

We sprayed approximately 5 miles of trail for several species of noxious weeds.

Karen led the packhorse with the spray unit, while Jim spotted and pulled a bunch of weeds.

I led a packhorse with extra water that we needed at the completion of our route.

Bonnie Thompson did the actual spraying at which she is very proficient.

Our new spray unit worked well with a few adjustments by our technician, Jim Kimball.

At some point in the future, we hope to have the entire Marie Cr loop trail free of weeds. We have seen great improvement in the past few years.

Bernie Lionberger





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Karen and packhorse with the spray unit,
While Jim pulls bunches of weeds.

Bernie takes a rest at the end of the project.

My horse, "Remi", who served as the water truck...

Marie Creek Trail Clearing Project
June 14

Gene rides in after the project.
We had about 12 riders, one came late (Tom Johnston), so he just rode around the trail and checked our work!!, there were amazingly few trees to cut, probably a total of 25 cuts, we started at 6 AM with George Miller putting two more folks through saw certification (Gene Bruce and Jerry Shriner), followed at 9 AM by dividing into 2 groups and going around the trail in opposite directions, we were done by about 2:30 PM. The participants: Gene Bruce, Karen and Jim Kimball, George Miller, Jerry and Diane Shriner, Gary and Vanessa Edwards, Jeff Jussila, Lyn Nale, Tom Johnston, and Bernie and Sherri Lionberger.

Lionberger's new mule, "Tinker".

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