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St. Joe River Project at Red Ives
July 6 - 8, 2007
Trail Bosses: Lionbergers, Bruces and Shriners

L to R: Thom Johnston, Judy Linscott, April Linscott,
Debbie Samovar, Sharon Bruce and Gene Bruce.

Sunday Ride - L to R: Jim Kimball, Thom Johnston, Karen Kimball,
Jerry Shriner, Diane Shriner, their niece, Emily, and Sherri.

The Forest Service fixes breakfast.
Lto R: Tracy Gravelle, Eva Anderson and Vanessa Edwards cooking. Ginger Swisher waits for the food.

"Moonrise after the storm"


“4th of July” at Red Ives
WOW, What a Success Story!!

On a weekend that offered everything from thunderstorms to bright sunshine, 25 of our members turned out to meet one of our most important goals as back country horsemen, to assist the government agencies in keeping trails open for pack and saddle stock. Our four saw teams opened close to 30 miles of heavily blocked trails, littered with logs that came down since last summer due to snow loads and wind.

Jerry and Diane Shriner led a team to take on the ridge trail (28) assisted by the one man terror with a chain saw, Greg Parsons, and their niece, Emily, who is quite a worker! That trail is always littered with downfall, even in an easy year. They finally got done and crossed the St Joe River at 6:30 PM.

Jim and Karen Kimball led the team up Copper Ridge, with excellent help from Bruce Hunter and Jerry Johnson. They encountered some large logs, and lots of the smaller variety.

Gene and Sharon Bruce took on a very popular loop system of trails, the Line Cr/Elbow Ridge complex. They could not have achieved this goal without the hard work of Tom Johnston, Judy Linscott, Debbie Samovar, and our very own chapter president, April Linscott. Debbie pressed one of Gene and Sharon’s mules into service for the project.

PBCH - Jerry Shriner, followed by Greg Parsons, prepare to cross the St Joe.
Jerry Shriner, followed by Greg Parsons, prepare to cross the St Joe.
PBCH - One of the "big cuts" on Fly Creek Trail.
One of the "big cuts" on Fly Creek Trail.
(Left to Right: Sherri Lionberger, Ginger Swisher and District Ranger Chuck Mark)

Sherri and I took a team up to clear the cut-off trail from Wahoo to the main Fly Cr Trail (the one we helped construct last 4th of July). We then proceeded up the main Fly Cr trail toward Twin Lakes. Even with help from District Ranger, Chuck Mark, Ginger (“am I on the right trail?”) Swisher, and her friend Holly, we still didn’t get the upper one and one half miles cleared. The photo will explain why we failed to make our goal, we had lots of what you see there.

You may have noticed that our teams were led by couples. Maybe couples that saw together, stay together!!

It is also notable that again, District Ranger Chuck Mark was out there with us, helping with the project. We made it easier for him this time around, he didn’t have to chase any runaway horses like he did several years ago. I would venture to say that very few district rangers turn out to assist on projects of this nature and his help was greatly appreciated.

Also assisting with the project in their official capacity as Forest Service folks were members Eva Anderson and Gary and Vanessa Edwards. We also picked up two new members, Tracy Gravelle and Ed Odegard.

Lanny and Carole Wigren, Bob Williams, and Murielle Johnson held down the camp for us during the project, thanks to them for coming out and participating!

Of course the food was great and talk around the camp fire was always inspiring, especially with quotes from Diane such as “ I never met a drug I didn’t like” (speaking mainly of pain relievers), and “a better life through chemistry”, oh well, “each to their own” said the old lady as she kissed the cow…….

As always happens on these outings, lots of good information on where to go to ride, and how to better utilize our equine friends was exchanged.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with what we accomplished as back country horsemen this past weekend. Thanks to you all!

Bernie and Sherri Lionberger

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