Socializing at 6:30
Meetings at 7:00

Dalton Gardens City Hall
6360 North Fourth Street
On the southeast corner of the Hanley
& 4th St Roundabout
Dalton Gardens, ID 

Chapter meetings are third Wednesday of each month
through September
and the third Saturday of the month
October to March.


All events are tentative and could change.
Please check with the trail boss.

Maps/Directions to run rides, campouts and work parties

July 17-18
Pee Wee Creek Camp and Ride Contact Karen 208-772-2434
July 21
Chapter Meeting - Annual Potluck in the Park

Eat at 6:30 p.m.

Bring your choice of meat for BBQ
and a dish to share.

Located next to Dalton Gardens City Hall,
6360 4th St.

Short business meeting to follow.

July 24

Fun Ride

4th of July Recreation Area

Trail bosses:
Bea Christopherson -
and Arnie Wilkens -

Aug 14

Fun Ride

Open to Public

Membership drive and hot dog lunch.

Trail Boss: Julie Volpi

Sept 11
Date Pending
Dalton Gardens Annual Picnic

Volunteers needed.

Call Karen 208-772-2434

Sept 19
Annual Potluck and Fun Ride Antoine Peak Conservation Area

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