Socializing at 6:30
Meetings at 7:00

Dalton Gardens City Hall
6360 North Fourth Street
On the southeast corner of the Hanley
& 4th St Roundabout
Dalton Gardens, ID 


March or April

Chainsaw Certification Clinic

Date and time TBA

The US Forest Service will set up a one-day workshop in March or early April at English Point. We need several volunteers.

Trail boss: Karen Kimball.

April 15 Chapter Meeting

Socialize 6:30
Meeting starts at 7:00

Dalton Gardens City Hall
6360 4th St.
Dalton Gardens

The horse first aid kits will be discussed by Karen Kimball and Arnie Wilkens.
April 18-19 Escure Ranch Fun Ride and Campout

Nice meeting area and good trails.

* Horses must have travel papers for Washington.

See Escure Ranch information

April 25
Marie Creek Work Day Trail Boss: Karen Kimball
May 2 Marie Creek Trail Clearing Information to be provided
May 9 Packing Clinic


May 16 Heyburn State Park Camp-out and Trail Clearing
Information to be provided
May 23-25 Asotin Camp-out Trail bosses: Karen and Jim Kimball
May 30 Public Fundraiser:
Obstacle Course Event

9 - 3 p.m.

Dalton Garden Arena
7344 N. 16th St.
Dalton Gardens

Trail boss: Jamie Smith


Main fundraiser for the chapter.

Obstacle Course Event

May 30

Back Country Horsemen of Missoula:

Fun Ride

10 a.m.
Bring a lunch.

Blue Mountain Trailhead west of Missoula

Contact RSVP Richard Tamcke 406-258-6621

June 13

BCH Washington, Ponderosa chapter:

Poker Ride Fundraiser


Riverside State Park, Spokane

Go to for details and to sign up.

June 20 Chilco Mt. trail clearing Trail bosses: Karen and Jim Kimball
July 12

Public Event:
Farragut State Park Hot Dog Fun Ride

Information to be provided

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