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Red Ives Work Party
July 10 - 12

This is the work done every year at Red Ives work party as part
of a work agreement with the U.S. Forest Service.

This is annual PBCH work party usually held in July.

Jim and Karen Kimball worked for a few days.  Here is her account of the work party and the fire crews working nearby:   First  morning we saddled up to clear Copper Ridge. Just before we started out a fire crew crossed the bridge and then two helicopters landed with supplies. There were small fires around Avery and Bacon Lake they were putting out. We started up the trail watching the helicopters land and take off most of the morning and then were done by around noon.

We were in the saddle by 9:30 and didn't take a lunch. I told Jim the trail probably wouldn't be too bad and we would be back early. He cut and I helped cleared, until we finally turned back and rode out. We didn't make it to the top, close though, and got back to camp at 4:00. Needless to say, I was wrong, and we were hungry. A margarita and dip in the river sure felt good. The horses enjoyed the cool water as it was quite warm on that day.

Shriners, Harpers, Ray Heilman and girlfriend Lori, Tracie and Mike Anderson, and Kim and Steve Bishop also worked.  

We had planned on a BBQ but didn't quite make it before the lightning started and rained hard for at least 3 hours. Next morning Jim and I had to head home. Rain had let up for awhile but I understand it was a wet weekend. Harpers, Ray and Lori headed home also. A little more work was done by the remaining crew.

One of the wettest weekends I can remember up on the Joe.

Thank you everyone for showing up and helping. A lot of work was done.

PBCH President Jerry Shriner

Jim Kimball
English Point Hitching Rails

This is one example of work projects that the Panhandle Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen of America are involved with throughout the year.


Several people showed up at the parking lot/trailhead at popular English Point to install one of two hitching rails in 2014. 


Photos submitted by Karen Kimball.

De-Spook Clinic
June 5 2015

The PBCH chapter has an educational event each year and this time it was a de-spook clinic held June 6 at Farragut State Park. It was trail bossed by member Ginger Swisher of Hoofbeats.

About 20 members participated in the event which was open to members only. Later that night there was a potluck and campout at the park. On Sunday many members tookk a trail ride in the park while others trailered over to another trailhead for a separate trail ride. The cost for the clinic was $5 per horse. 

It is events like these that pique the public's interest and the chapter usually has a few new members join at these events.
Some of the obstacles included the carwash, dragging a log, going over a raised bridge and riding by a tent/shower stall. 

Photos submitted by Karen Kimball.                                                             

Tune-Up Clinic
April 4 2015
By Angie Parsons, trail boss

The turn out was great we had 32 horses and every one showed, served 12 breakfast egg sandwiches. The weather was a bit cold in the morning due to the wind but in the afternoon is was nice and warm. We had 4 Brand Inspections, 22 3way/NW vac.,4 4way/WN, 5 5way/WN 2 Rabies, and 26 Health Cert./Coggins. Nichole checked teeth on everyone but due to time decided we could schedule floats at a later date. Maybe if enough horses needed them we could arrange a float clinic.

Mary Malloy was very informative with the new brand inspection requirements and hauling regulations. We need to stop at all Port of Entry inspection sites with all documents if you fail to stop the fine is $276.00. A big thanks to Donna and Lou for allowing us to use Red Top Stables and to Kathy, Marcy, Nichole, Jessica and Butch for all the help at the clinic as volunteers. 

Outing/Packing Clinic
Spring 2014

This is the Outing/Packing Clinic in spring 2014 held at Kruger Ranch. There were vendors and demos about horse packing/camping and Dutch oven cooking. Some folks talked about plant identification and first aid in the backcountry. A local vet talked about horse first aid. This was put on by the PBCH chapter and was open to the public.

Photos by Joni Lueck

Jerry Shriner and his assistant Jessica Harper
talk about horse packing

Boy Scouts trying the Dutch oven food

George Miller prepared food with the Dutch oven

Jim Kimball talking about plant identification
Julie Volpi at the cook shack

Avery District Pack Trip
July 18-19, 2014
by Jerry Shriner, trail boss

The Panhandle Back Country Horsemen have a long standing tradition of assisting the USFS Avery District on the St Joe with at least one work project each summer. The project this year was a little different.

Tracy Gravelle, Avery District's trail manager asked for assistance in packing in supplies to a crew of volunteers that would be rehabilitating Trail 108 from the North Fork of the Clearwater River to Larkins Lake. We knew from first hand experience that the trail was badly in need of work and the project would add greatly to the Mallard-Larkins trail system.

Five PBCH members, including Jill Reineccius, Bob Funke, Jim Kimball and Jerry and Diane Shriner, along with five head of pack stock met Tracy in Avery on 7/18 and she led us to the best camp spot near the trailhead. We went on to haul the supplies (on a road not suitable for horse trailers) to the Trail 107 trailhead that would take us to the North Fork.

The next morning we rode to the trailhead, loaded an odd assortment of items and headed for the river. We arrived at about 2 pm without mishap, cached the supplies and headed out on the steep climb back to our rigs.

Smoke Elser might not have approved of some of our loads but we got everything in one trip without a wreck or even a need to adjust a pack.

Bob Funke loads his mule with equipment.

Photos courtesy J. Shriner

Diane Shriner, left, Jerry Shriner and Jill Reineccius take a break during the pack trip
at the Avery District on the St. Joe.

Red Ives Work Party and Campout
July 10-13, 2014
by Karen Kimball, trail boss

On July 10, 2014 most people came up to Red Ives to the beautiful camping area by the Red Ives barn and corrals. We had 15 people show up and Vanessa Edwards met us up there that evening. Friday morning Ray Heilman took a small crew to the bottom of Indian Cr. Trail and cleared brush going up the trail on foot. The rest of us rode up Indian Peak out of the Ranger Station and with Vanessa and Alan Harper in the lead sawing logs and we cleared the trail till we hit Indian Cr. Trail. Then proceeded down that trail clearing on the way. Ginger Swisher and the 3 Harper kids were behind the log cutters nipping brush. Toward the bottom we ran into our brush crew and headed back to camp. Was a long day, started out at 9:00 and got back to camp around 5:00. Everyone worked hard.

On Sat. we took on Copper Ridge Trail right out of our campsite. We cleared it to the top where the horses and dogs enjoyed munching on the snow drifts. It was quite warm. The Bear Grass was in full bloom and I’ve never seen them so huge and tall. Our boots and stirrups were white from brushing against them on the trail.

Back at camp we had great times and stories around the campfire along with several dogs, one tiny puppy and a parrot that joined us for the potlucks.

Riders make their way among the tall Bear Grass at Red Ives outing.
Photo submitted by Julie Volpi.

4th of July Recreation Area Trailhead
July 5, 2014

On July 5, 2014 Bob Lovitt and his son Darin and Karen Kimball went up to the 4th of July Recreation Area trailhead with the wooden frame that Rusty Bailey had constructed. It has 3 signs on it to remind mountain bikes that there could be horses on the trail and what to do when meeting horse riders.  These signs have helped with some of the bike riders on Canfield Mtn. trail. also  The group took concrete bags and water and the tools they needed and put it in the ground just past the USFS gate.

Part of the mission of the Back Country Horsemen of America members is to educate the public about horses on the trail, construct trail signage, install hitching rails, and to do other trail maintenance and clean-up projects.

Photo by: Karen Kimball shows Bob and Darin Lovitt installing signage at 4th of July trailhead.


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